The whitepath Foundation

"Keeping our Cherokee Language Alive"

We provide articles, stories, lessons in our Cherokee language to as many Cherokee's that can only read & write, speak Cherokee and ones that want to learn.  We have provided the Cherokee head start programs with on-site presentation of the Cherokee Syllabary & lessons, provided flash cards in Cherokee, published theses articles in the Cherokee Observer since 1992.  We were the first Cherokee organization to publish HIV/AIDS information in our Cherokee language.

Our Mission

To continue in being the leaders of our Cherokee language.  We will provide articles, stories, lessons in our Cherokee language to as many Cherokee's that can only read, write, & speak Cherokee.  Provide Cherokees to learn the Cherokee Syllabary so they can learn to read, write and speak Cherokee.

Company Profile

In the late 1980's several Cherokee's felt the Cherokee people needed a publication that provided information in our Cherokee language.  So a group of us Cherokees formed the 501(c)3 "The Whitepath Foundation" in 1991.  The development of the Cherokee font by Franklin McLain (PC) & Al Webster (Apple) for use with the personal computers allowed us to print articles, stories & lessons in our Cherokee Syllabary.  Which our centerfold contained in every issue since 1992.  The Cherokee Observer, the first independent Cherokee newspaper was developed to publish these articles, stories & lessons. is still published today . . . this is the 13th year we have provided this.

We're a Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)3 Foundation - All donations are tax deductible to donors.

With your continued support and donations, we will continue in keeping our Cherokee language alive for our future generations.

Franklin McLain Sr., Chairman

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"Keeping our Cherokee Language Alive"

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